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Product Description

Picasso’s art is always so interesting and fun to try to interpret! He painted this as a woman/flower. I found it fun to paint my version on a tote. Unusual, I know, to have Picasso on a tote – but this is not your usual tote! It’s raw edged – all the seams are on the outside – adding a lot of pizzazz. The antique brass hardware is an extra bonus. So a great tote deserves a great piece of art!

This bag is a lovely cilantro green and made of heavy duty 14 oz cotton canvas. It measures 13 1/2W x 14H x 3 1/2D. Two 20” natural colored cotton webbing straps with antique brass hardware. There is an inside hanging pocket for cell phone, glasses or whatever. The bottom is gusseted and has a base of several layers of heavy duty canvas to give it more stability.

Preparation & Painting…
As always, I’m quite a stickler for proper preparation of an item before painting. And the same goes for canvas – which generally takes me more time than leather and suede to prepare! I want the art and bag to last so I take great care to ensure it will.

First I start with a high quality canvas bag. Although they have been enzyme or garment washed, I wash and dry the bags to remove any possible chemical residue or sizing left in the fabric. I need to make sure the paint will penetrate the fibers and adhere properly.

I then apply a neutral/clear coat of professional acrylic leather paint to prevent any bleed through of color (can be nasty looking on a bag with a flap.) I use the leather paint as I have worked with it for over 9 years, and it has a flex additive so it will not crack or peel when applied properly. Each coat of paint takes 24 hours to “cure” before applying the next coat. It’s a meticulous and a multi-day process.

After the painting is done I let it sit for a few days, then I hand wash the canvas bag. YES! I wash it. Let’s face it – canvas is fabric and will get dirty. I assume you will want to wash it and keep it fresh and fabulous looking. So feel free! Just hand wash, no soaking please, and hang to dry. You’ll be able to carry this bag for years, and you will find the art will last longer than the bag!


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Welcome to a wonderful world of Hand Painted purses, handbags, clutches and all things carryable! I take great pleasure in art - reworking it, rejuvenating it and hand painting my version on functional items to enjoy all the more. Enjoy my shop!

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Or custom painting as it's more commonly known! Most of the art I paint can be put on another style bag - either one I carry or one of your own. Convo me for details and we'll do a custom item if interested!

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