I am a person who finds creative solutions to problems! Brain works 24/7 – I have 10 million ideas and only a few are really great – but when they are – WOWEE watch out!

I have always had a love and passion for art in any form. Luckily creativity & art does take ANY form.

I knit felted purses, I bead with Tahitian pearls & leather (way expensive!) I dabble in gobs ‘o things – but have been steadily working as a Shoe Artist. Last year I decided to add purses/totes/handbags to the mix.

I have a website www.clpstudio.com (can I mention it here?) If not, surely someone will tell me otherwise, and I will plead mea culpa. My point in mentioning this is that I am very customer focused and have – through trial and error – learned about the best products and techniques to use.

My hand painted shoes are all custom work and I have customers with over 25+ pair! So you know they are happy.

For example – with all my paints I use a special professional Leather Acrylic Paint. It has a “flex additive” so that it doesn’t crack or peel. In addition, I prepare leather verrrry thoroughly to accept the paint. I have really become a leather painting expert – if I may be so bold as to say.

Enjoy my stuff – but more importantly – enjoy art!

Hand Painted Purses, Handbags, and All Things Carryable!

Welcome to a wonderful world of Hand Painted purses, handbags, clutches and all things carryable! I take great pleasure in art - reworking it, rejuvenating it and hand painting my version on functional items to enjoy all the more. Enjoy my shop!

(¯`'•.¸*(¯`'•••• SWIP-SWAPPING ••••´¯)*¸.•´¯)

Or custom painting as it's more commonly known! Most of the art I paint can be put on another style bag - either one I carry or one of your own. Convo me for details and we'll do a custom item if interested!

(¯`'•.¸*(¯`'•••• I SHIP INTERNATIONALLY ••••´¯)*¸.•´¯)

Convo me for exact postage rates to your country, there is no handling charge!