ART SLICE Hand Painted Leather Cuff Da Vinci Vitruvian Man

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Product Description

Sometimes what you need throughout the day is simply a little creativity or color to give your mind and soul just the right boost! Carrying around a wall-sized piece of art is really quite cumbersome and just not practical ;-) Having a small, compact “Slice of Art” on your arm is the ideal solution! It is just enough of a fabulous work of art to appreciate its beauty, and it looks cool too!

Now you can just grab a ~SLICE~ of Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Monet, Picasso or Munch to accessorize your outfit AND your mind! Yes, there are many more ~ART SLICE~ Leather Cuffs coming from my Studio! If you’ve got a favorite artist or work you’d like a ~SLICE~ of just let me know, and I’ll customize one just for you! Much like pizza – you can order as many ~ART SLICES~ as you’d like…with whatever toppings you want!

This Leather Cuff features my hand painted ~SLICE~ from Da Vinci's Vetruvian Man. The cuff is adjustable from 7.5” – 8.5” with 2 sets of snaps to fit most women and men. If you’ve got a really small wrist or a really large wrist, convo and we'll talk! It is 1.5” wide. It can easily be put on with one hand – very important as I have an issue with bracelets & wristbands that take five of my closest friends & family to help me put on!

With all ~ART SLICE~ Leather Cuffs I take the same care and use the same process as I do when I paint a bag or a pair of shoes. I prepare the leather properly, use professional leather acrylic paints to prevent cracking, and I finish with a leather sealer for protection. There is NO screenprinting, stamping or stenciling – every brush stroke is applied by my hand! As with all fine leather products, ~ART SLICE~ Cuffs will soften, wear well and become more unique over time.

ART SLICE Hand Painted Leather Cuff Da Vinci Vitruvian Man

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Welcome to a wonderful world of Hand Painted purses, handbags, clutches and all things carryable! I take great pleasure in art - reworking it, rejuvenating it and hand painting my version on functional items to enjoy all the more. Enjoy my shop!

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Or custom painting as it's more commonly known! Most of the art I paint can be put on another style bag - either one I carry or one of your own. Convo me for details and we'll do a custom item if interested!

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